Experience Rakuten Institute of Technology's Wallshop Technology in Collaboration with BEAMS


From May 23rd to June 19th, Rakuten together with BEAMS is holding an event at the BEAMS JAPAN store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The event, called Rakuten meets BEAMS JAPAN, has BEAMS staff present some of their favorite items selected from Rakuten Ichiba, covering everything from interior design to gardening tools and cooking condiments.

Rakuten Institute of Technology is also supporting the event with our wallshop technology, a new shopping experience using large digital signage. Instead of a regular store shelf, multiple users can browse, get details, and even purchase their items from a digital storefront simultaneously by using their smartphones as controllers. This is the first time we are presenting the wallshop to the wider public, so we are very excited to get it into your hands and see your reactions.

Visitors to the store during the event can get themed stickers, and by testing the wallshop you can also get a badge button to commemorate the collaboration between Rakuten and BEAMS. Please take this chance to visit the BEAMS JAPAN store in Shinjuku for a fun shopping experience and to try out some of our latest technology. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more details, in Japanese, see the below link:

Rakuten meets BEAMS JAPAN