Rakuten data is provided to academic institutions for research purposes
in order to contribute to, accelerate and promote academic research

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Regarding the term of the agreement, can Rakuten accept conditions other than an automatic renewal clause of this agreement?

Our standard is an automatic renewal agreement, however, upon request, Rakuten can agree to conditions that one or two years following actual use of the data by you.

After termination of the agreement, do users have to delete papers and presentations, etc. that have been made by those using the data provided by Rakuten?

No. The only data that you need to delete is the data that was provided to you by Rakuten (“Rakuten Data”). Therefore, you do not need to delete any papers or presentations, etc. made using the data.

If a user of the data provided by Rakuten suffers any damage, what kind of compensation is available?

There is no compensation for Rakuten Data users.
- Rakuten Data is data that has been uploaded to our website by customers and business partners at their own discretion. This means that, practically, we do not ascertain whether there are any rights infringement issues for all of the data, and we do not monitor the data that is uploaded.
- For the above reasons, Rakuten Data is provided free of charge to you based on above reasons.

Could you explain the intent of the indemnification clause regarding breach of the agreement by data users (Article 10)?

- Rakuten Data has been collated from data uploaded on to our website by merchants, individuals and other customers. The rights to the data belong to the individual (customer) who uploads the data. We obtain permission to use the data from the individuals and then make the data available as Rakuten Data.
- If users of Rakuten Data fail to abide by the obligations in the Agreement on the Usage of Rakuten Data, this could result in loss or damages to individuals (our customers, etc.). The provisions in Article 10 take this into consideration.
- We do, of course, take measures necessary to prevent loss or damages to data users. However, it is necessary for us to clarify who would be liable for such circumstances. Therefore, Article 10 is described for clarification of the penalties for breach of the agreement and the liability of the agreement.