Rakuten Institute of Technology covers a broad range of research topics. Our research is divided into function-based research domains named the Power Domain, the Intelligence Domain, and the Reality Domain. Please refer to the explanation of each domain, and the materials which explain the details of some of our research topics. Also, part of our contribution is available as open-source software.

Power Domain

The Power Domain aims to create value and reduce cost in Rakuten Group through strategic software development. Our research areas include Data Storage and Data Engineering through technologies such as Distributed Computing, Massively Parallel Processing, Streaming Algorithm, Machine Learning, Statistics and so on. As some of our products are open source software (OSS), they are publicly available for anyone to use.

Intelligence Domain

The Intelligence Domain aims to enrich Rakuten’s services from the perspective of data. We are focusing on creating structured product data for supporting global shopping experience, providing user-friendly product navigation and optimizing business operations by utilizing various kinds of data related technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Mining, Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis. Most of our technologies are actually applied to Rakuten’s services and are making business contributions.

Reality Domain

The Reality Domain aims to create new user experiences applicable within Rakuten services through prototyping, proof-of-concept studies, and real-world deployments. We are focusing on Novel User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX), Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Vision, and Multimedia Processing. Our activity includes transferring practical state-of-the-art technologies into actual Rakuten’s businesses, as well as proposing future concept and vision.