Rakuten Institute of Technology has highly motivated and talented researchers tackling challenging issues throughout the Rakuten Group. Our activities are widely spread across multiple research domains, resulting in a positive impact on various business fields worldwide. We are looking for passionate members to join our R&D team. We also offer internship opportunities as a part of Rakuten Internship Program.

Job Opportunities

Visit our recruitment site for more detailed job descriptions.

  • Researcher (English)
  • Data Scientist (English)
  • Liaison Office R&D Project Manager (English)
    * In some case, the candidate could be asked to do a coding test during the interview process.
  • Research Intern for Computer Vision (English)
  • Research Intern for Finance, Data Science and Machine Learning (English)
  • Research intern in Data Science and Machine Learning (Platform) (English)
  • Researcher & Research Internship (Machine Learning) (English)


Life at Rakuten Institute of Technology

Get to know us more - here are some interviews with Rakuten Institute of Technology members.