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Rakuten Institute of Technology

Rakuten Institute of Technology is the dedicated R&D organization within Rakuten, Inc.
Rakuten Institute of Technology encourages its R&D members to cultivate their curiosity, develop their interests and face challenging problems to create opportunities in combining emerging technologies with innovative services.

More Than Web - Realizing innovative services through emerging technologies -

Rakuten has been evolving its business model centered on e-commerce, which began with the creation of a marketplace completely new to Japan, named Rakuten Ichiba. Now Rakuten Group is one of the world's leading Internet service companies, providing a variety of consumer- and business-focused services including eBooks & eReading, travel, banking, securities, credit card, e-money, portal and media, online marketing and professional sports. Rakuten Group is expanding globally and currently has operations throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.
Our growing services aim to function as a bridge between the real world and net usability. We think many of our services are synergized to enhance new paradigms of "reality" in our daily life. We call this the Third Reality. We predict the future of the internet, and promote R&D on emerging technologies and services.

Rakuten Institute of Technology has been developing the future vision for the Third Reality by exchanging ideas and opinions within our unique R&D environment, as well as inviting many external internet professionals to participate in the discussion. This is how we shape our core vision regarding the following questions:

  • How will the internet continue to develop?
  • What technologies or services will emerge in the future?
This vision predicts the direction of future services based on state-of-the-art & emerging technologies, and it becomes a starting point for discussion on what technology seeds we should invest in. Our actual R&D projects are planned and executed along with this vision.

Rakuten Institute of Technology is located in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Singapore and Boston. Rakuten Institute of Technology was founded in 2006 with its first office in Tokyo, and have grown to 5 global branches by 2015. Rakuten Institute of Technology consists of 50+ researchers from not only Japan but also many other countries (Such as Argentina, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka, Turkey and United States of America).

From the Management

Masaya Mori, the global head of Rakuten Institute of Technology.
“We aim at a variety of research & development contributing to the global business growth.” Read more...
--- Masaya Mori, Global head of Rakuten Institute of Technology